Miss Saigon – Prince Edward Theatre, London


Whilst I have seen Miss Saigon recently, it was before I had started my blog. However, last week I was given the opportunity to see the show again and this time I am able to review the show.

Miss Saigon tells the very touching love story of Kim, a young girl who had unfortunately been orphaned due by war, who falls in love with an American GI called Chris. However their love for one another is torn apart due to fall of Saigon and features many twists and turns.

Kim, played by Tanya Manalang played her part exceptionally, showing the raw emotion that Kim experiences, right up until she takes her own life. It is quite a relatively large cast and this enables many of the scenes. The most effective scene, and one which many have heard of is the scene in which the helicopter flies in. With clever lighting, sound and air too, it brings the performance alive.

Although the show itself has received fantastic reviews, I felt this production lacked energy in parts and unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought it would. Whilst there were very ‘showy’ songs, it just didn’t take it to the next level that I thought it would. Having said that, it is an impressive show nonetheless.

Carolyn Maitland who played Ellen, Chris’ wife, really impressed me with her vocals towards the end of the show and it really made me feel for her situation.

Overall this is a good show and I would recommend to see it, although both times I saw it it left me wanting more from the show and it felt that it lacked in parts.



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