Acorn Antiques, Rondo Theatre – Bristol


As soon as I heard Merriman Productions were rehearsing for Acorn Antiques I knew I had to see the show and I’m very glad I did!

It’s a musical that’s packed with laughter, tears, sorrow and most of all…MACAROONS! (Not forgetting Mrs O, of course!)

Acorn Antiques is set in an antiques shop on the outskirts of Manchesterford. Miss Babs (Kimberley Brook), Miss Berta (Kate Salt) run Acorn Antiques, their beloved antiques shop. They are helped by their fellow shop keepers and friends including Mrs Overall (Nicky Shipton) along with Mr Clifford (Chris Parslow).

They soon learn of their third sister, Bonnie (Helen Kuhlman) who to start with is very devious and conniving, so much so that she fires her own mother! However the sisters are then faced with financial worries and learn of more family secrets.

Developers are planned to come into their shops and turn them into an array of establishments including Botox, tanning shops and even an underwear shop! This all facilitated by a sinister loan shark, Tony (Rob Cottrell). The shop keepers are faced with the closure of their shop if they cannot afford to pay back the loan.

There are many musical numbers throughout the show but my favourite was Miss Berta singing ‘Remind Him’ and about her struggle in getting the attention of Mr Clifford and trying to recall his memory about them.

The only chance of surviving the ordeal comes from a videotape of their late father, who sets them on their discovery of Bonnie, the third sister. There is a last minute race against the clock to win a large sum of money to pay back the loan shark, with everybody involved playing a game of Bet A Letter and discovering the true heart of antique antiques.

The show hits a musical high with the return of Mrs O and an energetic musical number and we also see Miss Bertha marrying Mr Clifford.

A huge congratulations to Merriman Productions and everybody involved!


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