Elf The Musical – Dominion Theatre, London



Sorry…I have been bitten by the Elf bug following seeing this show yesterday evening and it’s totally put me in the mood for Christmas!

This show is AMAZING! Many people will have obviously seen the epic film that is Elf (if not, how on earth have you escaped not seeing it?!) and I went with an open mind having not read any other reviews about this show. From start to finish I was mesmerised. Christmas of course is a time of year that many of us revert to behaving like a child…well I reverted to a child and it brought back many memories from Christmas over the last 29 years!

I didn’t dare take my eyes off the show once and I was so impressed by everything. The set was amazing, there was so much to see and nothing looked out of place and it all complemented each other. The choreography was perfect and complemented the show fantastically. Everything about this show had been thought about so carefully and this makes this show a fantastic watch and will have the audience wanting more and more.

Ben Forster, who plays Buddy The Elf…what can I say other than that he plays an astonishing Buddy and I genuinely believed he was Buddy! He brings this character alive and had the audience in fits of giggles throughout. Kimberely Walsh who plays Buddys’ love interest impressed me too. Kimberely impressed me with her American accent (which I thought she may had struggled with) however I was very much taken with how she played her character.

A huge applause also goes to Jennie Dale who plays Deb. One of the most funniest characters of the evening and her comedic charm and presence was felt by the entire audience! She had us both giggling away and I can’t wait to try a Chocolate Monster!

Seeing Santa ride his sleigh out over the audience – AMAZING!

I didn’t want this to end and I am so glad I have seen this fantastic show. It will truly put you in the mood for Christmas, without a doubt!


A huge 5 STARS for this festive, fun and energetic show!



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