The Nutcracker – The Royal Opera House, London

I saw my first ballet last year at The Royal Opera House on Christmas Eve and witnessed the magic that was Alice in Wonderland. For my first ever ballet I was quite unsure what to expect. Having seen musicals for many years I thought that I would struggle with no dialogue or no huge dance numbers. It was a sensational experience, so much so that we came back this Christmas Eve to watch the astounding ‘The Nutcracker’.


I have wanted to watch The Nutcracker for many years, having taken part in school productions many many years ago (!) at primary school.

The Royal Opera House is a spectacle in itself and it still took my breath away today. Nobody can take away the feeling that you experience as you walk into the auditorium and see the lights, the contrast in colour of the gold leaf around you, then to the deep red of the huge curtains.

The story is about a girl, Clara, who sneaks downstairs on Christmas Eve to play with her most treasured present, a delightful Nutcracker. However a rather magical and mysterious magician waits to take her off on a beautiful adventure, where everything comes to life before your very eyes, before returning Clara back to Christmas Eve.


One of my favourites scenes occurs quite early on in the production where you see the Christmas tree grow from an already impressive height of about 12 foot to well over 40 foot! I love Christmas, so I was in awe when I saw the tree keep on growing!

The entire performance is visually and musically amazing. It is clear to see that the staging of The Nutcracker has had a lot of thought and it all fits perfectly. I found the set captivating as I would have thought that an auditorium of this size would be a struggle to fill. However the set, whilst large in size, complements the production very well.

The cast are large in size and the talent of the ballet dancers was truly exceptional.


Many of us will already be familiar with much, if not all, of the music throughout The Nutcracker and it indeed provided the much needed Christmas feeling and also the classical elements The Nutcracker has.

I’m so glad I got the opportunity see this and it has been a very popular and busy run for the Royal Opera House. It has recently had a live broadcast to cinemas and is sold out until when it closes on Thursday 14th January 2016.


This is my last blog for 2015 before the Christmas Festivities begin! I have been able to blog about some fantastic shows this year following me starting my blog during 2015. Next year sets to be even more busy, albeit that I’m also getting married in 2016 amongst lots of exciting theatre reviews to come.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and all the best for 2016!


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