I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change is a fantastic musical comedy based on a collection of stories that are all based upon dating, love, relationships and more! The talented cast made up of Julie Atherton, Samuel Holmes, Simon Lipkin and Gina Beck, all West End Stars in their own right, really do make this a show not to be missed.

In under two hours the audience is taken on a journey ranging from first dates, marriage, children to divorce. Well according to Julie, Death. Ok, not death, but rather a bitter divorce in which she thinks of him as dead.

This is a performance that isn’t as much about the music itself but rather the comedic performers themselves. What I enjoyed about this were the individual performances but also where they all came together. Each had their own unique way. You can clearly see each have their own talent, and this is what makes them a ‘Perfect Match’. They each give a high intensity and energy to the performance, in a very hot environment (fans pumping around hot air!) and go from each scene within a matter of minutes. It’s a very intimate space and this adds to the intensity. One scetch in which Simon plays a prison detainee and acts out the words, in quite some detail, which resulted in many giggles and perhaps a few red faces too!

This really is a must see performance with each of the cast bringing their own talents with Julie and her comedic charm, vocals and American appeal, Simon and the warmth he brings to each of the characters, Samuel for his quirkiness and wit and Gina for her cheekiness and huge vocal range.

Two criticisms for this performance however are that unless you are in the first two rows (which fill very quickly) you don’t see much, unless the performers are stood up or closer to you. With the performance being on the same level, it was often quite difficult to see what was going on at the other end, whilst they were sat on sofa, therefore some of the jokes were only truly received from one side of the room, whereas the other could only hear and not see. Perhaps a different layout would’ve helped.

The other being that american accents were used throughout by Atherton, Beck and Lipkin, however Holmes retained a British accent – at times it didn’t seem to fit well. However this didn’t distract enough to spoil it.


Unfortunately, I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change plays its last performance this evening, therefore get yourself a ticket if you can, you’ll be belly laughing all the way!


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