Stomp – Ambassadors Theatre, London




I am always open to seeing new shows and reviewing new types of live theatre and Stomp certainly gave me that!

This is a unique show and experience to encounter which is currently playing at the Ambassadors theatre, London. This is a small yet intimate venue, which provides audience members with a close up and in your face view of playing instruments made from every day objects!

The set is made up from various construction items and has many ‘instruments’ dotted around it such as buckets, large containers and broomsticks which the performers use throughout the show.

I was impressed at the amount of instruments used and the various rhythms they played – it certainly made me look at things differently and how something can seem quite simple, can then create a very unique and interesting rhythm or piece of music.

Objects that used were lighters, bags, bin lids and what really made me laugh were kitchen sinks full of water (yes, you read that right!). However my interest started to dwindle after a short while as it did get a little stagnant and a little predictable.

There is no story for this show, although they did have a ‘dumb’ character who ‘struggled’ to play the instruments properly. However this was lost half way through the show when it suddenly stopped, never to be seen again. I found the character quite funny, so I wish they had carried on to develop this story as it made the audience laugh and had something for us to follow.

I enjoyed the show and had been looking forward to it for a number of years, having seen various television appearances and I am glad that I finally had the opportunity to do so. I would however think a storyline was needed in order for it to be loosely based upon something, rather than various sketches of segments of music.

The talent of the performers is undeniable, they are required to have such skill and precision to timing and to play continually for well over an hour and to create dynamic and unique music, it cannot be an easy task!

It’s a show that will have your feet tapping – quite literally! Stomp continues to play at the Ambassadors Theatre, to book tickets – click here.




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