Tom Jones The Musical – The Churchill Theatre, Bromley



Tom Jones The Musical – is a new biographical musical that tells the story of the legendary Tom Jones, a working class Valleys boy and son of a Welsh miner, who dreamt of making it big despite many hurdles that lay ahead.

At 16 years old Tom marries Linda after falling pregnant and we see his challenge he has in escaping the circuit singing in working mens clubs. After leaving Linda and his child, moving to London, Tom attempts to pursue a recording contract. However fame and success didn’t come easy to him and it was rather a grim start to his career.

The shows features many of his hits including “Ghost Riders in the Sky”, “Spanish Harlem” and “Lucille”. The show lasts a few hours but it wasn’t until nearer the end of the show that the audience are treated to the songs that turned him into the superstar we know and love today, with songs including “It’s Not Unusual”, “Delilah” and “What’s New Pussycat”.


Kit Orton is a good Tom Jones and has a strong voice that is needed to play Tom, he also has the pelvic thrusts to match, which had many of the lady audience members whopping and whistling!

The show is a slow starter and lacks energy and enthusiasm until it builds much later in the show. I felt we waited far too long for the story to develop and to give the audience a much needed number to ramp up the energy this show really deserves. The script itself is quite bland and much like the energy, I felt the script needed more work.

Only towards the end are the songs we were really waiting for crammed in a flurry. I would’ve preferred to see more of the ‘modern day’ Jones, rather than having the upbeat songs near the curtain call.


Tom Jones The Musical is currently played at The Churchill Theatre until Saturday 30th April. Tickets can be booked here.



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