H.M.S Pinafore – The Churchill Theatre, Bromley


The all-male version of Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore visited The Churchill theatre on Monday 11th July.

Set in the hold of a battleship in the second world war, the cast features sixteen sailors working in the depths of the ship, and their lady acquaintances. Not having seen this production before I wasn’t particular familiar with the show but it came with a heartfelt prescience with some great comedy moment and an innovative piece.

Inspired in parts by Director Sasha Regan’s experience of performing Gilbert and Sullivan at a single-sex school, this show plays on the humour that can emerge from these gender changes.

HMS Pinafore deals with the love and difficulties encountered by the differing social classes. The vocal range of these men is astounding, with them each bringing their personalities and wit to their performance.

With only three iron bunkbeds, six mess boxes and some rope making up the set, whilst basic, this production doesn’t need anything more as the cast superbly let this superbly polished performance come through. A great emotive performance and great casting which makes HMS Pinafore a fantastic production!



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