Peter Pan Goes Wrong – Apollo Theatre, London


Peter Pan Goes Wrong is an outrageously lively, funny and fast paced show which had the entire audience involved with from the moment they stepped in the theatre. Having managed to secure a very good deal from the TKTS booth in Leicester Square (£69.50 tickets – we paid £27!)

Peter Pan is for many a story which we know well and spent many of our childhood yearsel before However forget all you have seen and heard before because this show shatters everything you know about this classic story! With the rather obvious title, there are a few glitches along the way…

As we made our way into the theatre we were greeted with utter mayhem with an electric cable being passed from the stage to the rear of the auditorium and with the audience helping to move it across, and then back again. A very fun and engaging way to get the audience involved before the show had even started!

The play is extremely engaging and I often am not a fan of audience interaction but with this show it is welcome but never became too much and suited the show. The comedy in this show is extremely energetic and the staging of this production may at first glance appear a little basic, however it is anything but. It is full of surprises and whilst the talent on stage is epic, it also should be noted that those behind the scenes have worked extremely hard to create the mayhem this production gives.

Whilst the malfunctions in this show are good, it is the perfect precision and timing of the entire cast that make this show stand out proud and tall. From Tinkerbell and her interpretive dance to Dennis repeating everything that is transmitted into his headphones (including a break up off-stage), it sure is a recipe for disasterr and I loved it!

The cast are extremely talentedy but I liked that the show does not concentrate on a particular person and rather focuses on everybody and how they come together to create sweet merry mayhem! If you’re looking for some unpredictable festive fun – Peter Pan Goes Wrong is the exact show you’re looking for! With the audience full varying age ranges from small children up to and including grandparents – it appeals to everybody, no matter what your age.

The show continues to play all throughout the festive period until the end of January – do make sure you see the crazy, whacky but genius comedy work by Mischief Theatre!

It is no surprise to hear that Peter Pan Goes Wrong has been filmed for BBC1 and I cannot wait to see it all over again – it really is a show that is worthy of all the success and praise it gets!



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