52 Week Blog Challenge: Week 1 – Meet My Best Friend

I’m taking part in the 52 week blog challenge. If you want to take part – follow the instructions in my original post – post the blog picture below and be sure to link Britt and Jenny in your blog.

Without further a do – here is Week 1: Meet My Best Friend, Jo.

We have been friends since the first year of secondary school, some 19 years ago! We both recall meeting for the first time, because our surnames are very close we were sat next to each other in our English class. I had noticed her around school and thought she looked pretty confident in who she was and so with me being rather timid back in those days, I didn’t say much to her apart from an awkward smile!

However in a very short space of time we chatted and got to know each other and we were soon inseparable. Our secondary school years were heaps of fun and we were always up to some form of mischief, whether that be hanging out at lunchtimes in the school fields or after school in the PE department, where we were known to go!








Over the years we have enjoyed many a moment together whether that be just a night in laughing until we cry or on our many adventures out and about. We have also shared some immensely tough times and our friendship has been testament to getting us through these together. We support each other, no matter what. I can say that without Jo I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Both her and her family have helped shape my future and I will always be there for them, just like they have for me.





Jo will always be in my life – a best friend I can count on no matter what time of night or day. A person who always puts others before herself and who has a heart of gold. I’m incredibly lucky to have met a person like her and I shall always be thankful that I have hundreds, if not thousands of memories of us enjoying life together.


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