School of Rock, New London Theatre

School is Rock is a new musical to the West End and is an absolute hit!

Based on the film starring Jack Black, with a new score by Andrew Lloyd Webber and book by Julian Fellowes, it is a show not to be missed which has an extremely talented cast of both children and adults. It also has some of the most catchiest songs I’ve had the pleasure of hearing in the theatre.


School of Rock tells the story of Dewy Finn who is in need of money to pay his rent and so when he receives a telephone call meant for his flatmate, Ned Schneebly, he impersonates him as a supply teacher at top school, Horace Green. During his time there he turns the children into the band he needs to win the Battle of The Bands and makes them realise their own worth and talent – a definite feel good story, with lots of laughter and tender moments too.

As alternate Dewey Finn, Gary Trainor delivers an epic performance which showcases his own comedy prowess and brings this larger than life character to the stage. His relationship and natural chemistry with the children was simply a joy to watch and I invested in all of the relationships with his fellow cast members. Principal Mullins played by alternate Rosanna Hyland has an absolutely beautiful soprano and soulful voice, mixed with her ‘straight laced’ demeanour. We see her get closer to Finn when he asks her on a date at a local bar and she realises how much she loves the music, singing a beautiful song ‘Where Did Rock Go’ which made me cry! Rosanna was a pleasure to listen to and her voice was like velvet. One of my favourite characters in this show – well done Rosanna!

Trainor is at his absolute best when he is in the scenes with his class, with a super talented cast of child actor musicians. It is extremely encouraging to see huge amounts of talent from such young actors and for them to appear and sound so confident, full of character. This is a show that wows for many reasons, but mainly due to the sheer talent of the children playing their instruments.

A song that is heard throughout the show is ‘Stick It To The Man’ which is a punchy and proud musical number, along with its clever lyrics it makes this a show you’ll be remembering for a long time to come. This is a show that has been perfectly staged with a fantastic use of space and the set is continually developing and interchanging which again adds to the success of this show.

School of Rock really is a great musical treat no matter what your age or love of music. With a superbly talented cast and a score that will be embedded in your head for a long time – this is a show you simply must see to appreciate the fine talent of everybody that makes this production an absolute success!


I sat in Seat 14, Row H of the stalls and recommend this to be a perfect seat to see the entire staging of the performance, as well as being right in the mix for the musical numbers!

To book tickets and for further information about School of Rock, please click here.



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