52 Week Blog Challenge: Week 2 – My Favourite Things

You will have seen from my recent blog posts that I’m taking part in the 52 Week Blog Challenge. If you want to take part follow the instructions in my original post – post the blog picture below and be sure to link Britt and Jenny in your blog.


This week is Week 2: My Favourite Things! I shall be sharing some of my favourite things and will attempt to keep them as current as possible – please do comment and get involved if you’d like to join in too!

Favourite Film

This is always a hard question to answer as over the years I have seen a lot of great films, so it’s a question I always struggle with! However that being said, I’m an absolute lover of Christmas and love everything about it so I would have to say that my a film that I really do enjoy year after year is Home Alone (1 & 2!). How can you not love a film that is about Christmas and has a happy ending!?


Favourite Music

I have always had an eclectic music taste so I find that many styles of music appeal to me. For many years I have loved one particular artist, Adele. I have followed her journey from her early days and still continue to love everything she does. Her music has helped me through some tough times as well as being there for some of my happiest. Adele as we all know is known all over the world for her honest outlook on life and the song lyrics that we can all relate to in some way. For this reason this will always being my favourite music that I can listen to over and over again.


Favourite Book

Jo Malone – My Story. Jo Malone, the incredibly inspirational businesswoman who is responsible for creating her global business Jo Malone London and most recently, Jo Loves. This is her first autobiography that I had the pleasure of attending the book launch and meeting Jo! Her book tells her story about her growing up struggling with dyslexia, leaving school with no qualifications and how the businesses that we know and love started. I couldn’t put this book down and found great inspiration from every chapter. Jo is someone who looks at every situation with a positive and I recall her saying “Everything comes full circle” and I agree that from everything we learn and grow. An inspiration to many.


Favourite Childhood Memory

For many years my mum, dad and sister went to Guernsey in The Channel Islands, which is situated between the United Kingdom and France. I recall visiting here many times in the summer holidays and every holiday holds special memories for me. One distinct memory is one evening after dinner we watched the sun set as a family from the beach at Petit Bot Bay. Afterwards we had a photo of us as a family – all wearing the same knitted jumper that had been made by my nan. It still remains such a happy memory and Guernsey will be a place that I will continue to return to for many years to come.


Favourite Birthday

Every birthday is special but my 30th was truly an unforgettable year. A few weeks previous to my birthday I had got married so will still on a high but my lovely husband had gifted be 30 presents that were given to me over the course of the year leading up to my 30th birthday. My gifts varied in size and type but each were amazing presents with much thought being taken. I have been thoroughly spoilt and whilst I have had lots of fantastic birthday – celebrating my 30th year like this was an unforgettable experience.


Favourite Netflix Binge Watch

I’m currently watching Project Runway and have managed nearly the entire season 7 in just a few days. Whilst I am not a massive fan of reality TV shows, I do like the fashion aspect with this and seeing how everybody progress each week – and of course some of the epic fails that are made along the way too!


There we go – a handful of my favourite things. Come back next week for Week 3: Meet My Family!

If you’re joining in with the 52 Week Blog Challenge, I would love to hear from you!


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