About Me


Welcome to In The Spotlight.

I’m Sam Hayden-Harler and I’m a theatre blogger and reviewer. Thank you for stopping by – I hope you enjoy having a look around my blog and the various shows I’ve had the pleasure of seeing over the last 20 years.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of seeing many shows covering a variety of issues and topics. I was going to the theatre so often and enjoyed sharing my love of theatre so decided to set up my own blog to talk about these experiences. As I see so many shows, I thought I would set up my own blog and talk about and share I hope to inspire others to visit the theatre that may not have visited before to to encourage others to see performances or show they may have not considered before. From my own personal experience theatre brings to life and gets us talking about lots and it has lead to many topical debates too! If you’ve never been to a theatre to see live theatre, there are so many to choose from whether that be professional performances in the likes of the West End of perhaps local amateur shows – there is something for everybody’s individual interests.

By day, I have my day job and the rest of the time I’m pretty much be seen listening to, or watching theatre or something associated with it! plays and cabarets to name but a few. I have a huge passion for theatre and always have. I even share my life with a West End Stage Manager – it couldn’t get much more theatrical than that!

I always follow what’s going on as it can often change so quickly and I very much enjoy watching the latest shows coming into London and the surrounding areas. On occasion I have reviewed for West End Wilma and BoxOffice.co.uk and I am a resident blogger for The Churchill Theatre, as well as recently starting to blog for New Wimbledon Theatre… so I get to see lots in different places!

Having grown up watching and enjoying visits to the theatre, as well as studying performing arts, I continue to enjoy everything from the front of house atmosphere, final curtain calls,  play outs and more. I have seen a large variety of live theatre in London’s West End and Broadway, which over the years continues to amaze me as to how much talent and work these shows command night after night. It’s much more than what the audience see on stage. This not only includes the actors you see before you, but to all backstage cast and crew. I never fully appreciated how much work everything took to put together and the effort required by everybody to make it a continued success.

Possibly one of my favourite (so far) productions is Phantom of The Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre. I’ve seen the show four times, and it still moves me to this very day. Not only is it a set that amazes everybody, including the falling chandelier, but the songs are breathtaking. With fond memories ‘Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again’ recalls fond memories of a close relative.

Enjoy looking around my blog and if you would like me to review an upcoming show or to feature in my blog, please do get in touch.