ZSL London Zoo ‘Sunset Safari’


I had the pleasure of being invited along to a spectacular event held at London Zoo called ‘Sunset Safari’ on Friday 10th June. This was an opportunity to see the zoo come alive ‘after hours’ and with some extra special treats too!

As part of the ‘Sunset Safari Specials’ you are able to visit enclosures around the zoo and listen and watch some of the animals being fed, with informative talks about the animals. These had been timed well and meant you could see a great deal of the zoo without feeling rushed around to see everything.

We took the opportunity to visit Penguin Beach to see these adorable animals being fed. This was a great start to the evening, it was very fun and that you were able to see the charming characteristics of the animals come alive – even more so when we were told about ‘Ricky The Diva’. Apparently he is rather rock and roll, and as his name suggests, a bit diva-like. As if he were listening – in strolls Ricky without a care in the world walking to the lady who was leading the talk. I got some great images of these lovely animals – make sure you take a look!

We also paid visits to other sessions, ’Down The Otter Holt’, ‘Giraffe Supper on the Savnnah’ and finally the ‘Meerkat & Mongoose Mischief’. We totally loved being able to see all of these making our way around the zoo. There were so many animals to see and being able to see them as the darker hours approached meant we were able to get up close and see another side to these animals. In one instance, I had a lemur standing at my feet looking up at eye, almost wondering “What are you looking at?”. For some of the animals it was close to their bed times, whereas others were just waking up, so this was a rare opportunity to see these moments.

Along with being able to see the fantastic animals around the zoo, ZSL had an impressive food market in the centre, the range of food on offer was amazing and a good price too. A hot dog and some Churros with chocolate later and I was a very happy man!

I last visited the zoo a good number of years ago and since this time I could see a lot of time, effort, passion and love has gone into making the zoo an impressive and unforgettable experience – which is exactly how we felt as we left. If you want to make a visit extra special you are able to hire a Gir Lion Lodge to stay in the zoo for the night, metres away from the lion enclosure – we will most certainly be doing this at some point!

The event came into it’s own as darkness approached with many stalls serving drinks, a taxi Photo Booth, dancing, music and human animal performers wandering around entertaining the crowds.

This was a fantastic evening and I would urge you to get a ticket before they sell out! Not only was the evening about the animals it was a great place to unwind, chill out and take in all the amazing activities going on – I certainly won’t forget my first Sunset Safari!